Included in the total cost for each student:



***All Payments will be made in "My Payments Plus."  For information on how to use this program, please click here.

Payment Plan for STUDENTS and CHAPERONES ($800 Total):

                           Payment #                                  Date                                                           Amount

                                  1                                     September 25th                                 $150 (non-refundable)
                                  2                                     November 1st                                     $130 (non-refundable)
                                  3                                     December 1st                                     $130 (non-refundable)
                                  4                                     January 1st                                         $130 (non-refundable)
                                  5                                     February 1st                                       $130 (non-refundable)
                                  6                                     March 1st                                            $130 (non-refundable)

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