We are very excited to release the details for our BIGGEST CHOIR TRIP EVER!!!  The trip will take place April 26th-29th, 2019.  Here are the exciting things your child will be able to experience while attending our trip to Disney World in Orlando, FL.

The projected trip cost paid by the students is $800 per student (and chaperones).  This may seem like a lot but it is a FANTASTIC price for all the things students will be doing!  We are receiving so many group discounts, that this is likely the cheapest students will EVER be able to travel to Disney World!  Plus we are also subsidizing the cost as we are not allowed per FISD travel guidelines to charge over $800.  Please note that fundraising will be IMPERATIVE this year!

Parents will have the option of either paying for the trip through My Payments Plus (has service fee) or turning in cash or a check made out to” FHS Choir.”  As of now we ask that parents only turn in the 1st payment of $150.00.  At a later time we will allow parents to pay the remainder of the trip at once if they wish.  Please note that all payments are NON-REFUNDABLE.

This will also be our most exciting trip yet for CHAPERONES to attend!  The cost for chaperones will also be $800.  Chaperones may follow the same payment schedule as students.  Please note that we MUST have chaperones on this trip in order for it to happen.  We would like at least one of the chaperones to be a male.  Please let me know now if you would like to chaperone as will have to limit the number of chaperones that attend due to the amount we are subsidizing.    Please note that we will also be having an FHS Administrator traveling with us on the trip.

Students will be placed in quad-occupancy rooms, sorted by gender.  Each student room will have a chaperone assigned to it.  This chaperone will be primarily responsible for their students during the course of the trip (disbursement of tickets, communication with parents should questions arise, and overall supervision). 

Taking a trip such as this serves a number of valuable purposes. First, it allows students to perform and have a musical experience somewhere new. Secondly, the trip will allow students to interact socially and experience being away from home for a few days. While they are closely supervised, students learn important life skills that can help prepare them for the college experience.

Students are expected to be on their best behavior on the trip.  The rules listed in the FHS code of conduct along with additional ones that apply to the trip will be strictly enforced on the trip. 

All students MUST BE ELIGIBLE to attend the Spring Trip according to the 5th Six Weeks Report Card on April 16th.  A trip like this can be a great motivator to keep current with all school work and assignments.  Because we have made financial commitments for this trip, refunds are NOT possible once payment has been made.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call/email.