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Are you interested in joining one of the AWARD-WINNING FRISCO HIGH SCHOOL CHOIRS???


If you love to sing and are passionate about music, then choir is the place for you! The choir classes at Frisco High School give students the opportunity to develop proper vocal technique and gain confidence as a singer. The classes here are both creative and enjoyable.  Being a part of a choral group is a very rewarding experience. Students develop many positive life-long habits, such as teamwork, self-discipline, and leadership.  Best of all students develop LIFELONG FRIENDSHIPS!


What if I have never sung before, or what if I don’t think I am a very good singer?  No worries!

  • We welcome students of all different levels from beginning to advanced!   The first step to becoming a better singer is to JOIN CHOIR!  In choir you are almost always singing as a group, so it is a great way to build your confidence as a singer!

Do I have to audition?  Only if you want to!

  •  An audition is NOT required to be a part of the FHS Choir Program as we are open to students of all levels.  However, anyone that wishes to be a part of a select ensemble MUST audition.  Please email me at to find out information about auditioning.

How much will it cost to be in choir? Almost Nothing!

  • Annual Choir Fee of covers your choir T- Shirt, Formal Concert Uniform, and Choir Supplies. We offer financial assistance for students who need it.


How much out of school time will choir take? Very little!


  • Choir takes up significantly LESS TIME than many of the other activities on campus.

  • Almost all rehearsal time is during class!

  • Students will perform in four evening Choir Concerts per year in addition to our Annual Performance Fundraiser and performing the National Anthem at a Varsity Football Game. 


What opportunities are there for me in choir? Many!


  • Four concerts per year including the end of the year Coffeehouse show in which we perform “Popular” style music!

  • Opportunity to audition for Region Choir, Pre-Area, and Area...and to possibly make the Texas All-State Choir!

  • Opportunities to sing a solo at Solo and Ensemble Competition at the Regional and State Levels.

  • Annual weekend Spring Trip/Competition!

  • Choir parties and the Annual Choir Banquet!

  • Perform at school events– Singing the National Anthem at Pep Rallies, Football Games, and etc.

  • Private Voice Lessons during class (extra cost)

Will being in choir keep me from being able to participate in sports, theater, band, orchestra, etc or take away from being able to take all the Pre-AP/AP courses I desire to at FHS? Absolutely not!


  • We have had several students who have taken a heavy load of “academic” classes and been involved in sports and etc that are still able to enroll in choir ALL FOUR YEARS (some even take multiple choir classes each year!). 


  • We understand that students are often involved in activities other than choir and are willing to work with parents and students to insure students CAN be involved in other activities along with choir.  We just ask that parents and students follow the attendance guidelines in our Choir Handbook.    


  • Many students find room for choir by taking online courses.  Here is a link to find additional information:   The wonderful thing is that they can be completed anywhere and at anytime of the year. 


I already turned in my schedule request and it didn’t say “Choir.”  Can I still make the change?  Absolutely!


  • Counselors are usually willing to make the change as late as the first few weeks of the new school year as long as it fits in the student’s schedule.  Counselors LOVE to see students involved in activities at FHS!


  • All you have to do is email your counselor and they should be able to make the change.  If you are having trouble, you can always email me at  It doesn’t matter which choir you sign-up for as I will insure you are placed in the correct choir.

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